Corinne Jones

With over 30 years experience, Corinne Jones has a well-honed perspective on designing interiors. Her signature style blends notes of modern design within traditional foundations. She aspires to develop spaces, both commercial and residential, that are tailored to individual client’s needs. Incorporating their unique sensibilities, personal histories, and style preferences, she generates extraordinary and unexpected interpretations of their ideal home or work environment. Inspired by classic European architecture and interiors, as well as Contemporary American design, Corinne Jones delivers enduring designs that transcend specific time periods. Her award winning projects are imbued with a sense of whimsy and adventure, an appreciation for timeless beauty and a beckoning to peaceful retreat. Entering her spaces evokes both a feeling of curious discovery and long sought, glamorous repose.

While much of her design aesthetic is informed by her studies in Art & Architecture and decades of designing homes, landscapes, vacation properties, condominiums, country clubs and businesses, Corinne was immersed in design from a young age, “I was fortunate to grow up in a beautifully appointed, gracious home. My mother was devoted to impeccable interiors; her designer quickly became a permanent fixture in our household. I remember brimming with excitement every time “Uncle John” arrived with his bags toppling over with fabric samples, color decks and stacks of wallpaper. I marveled at the way he transformed bland spaces into remarkably elegant interiors. Painters, drapery installers and construction teams were my earliest teachers. I soaked up every detail and loved fluffing our house to tour unsuspecting visitors through their completed masterpieces!” Given her penchant for integrating architecture and interior design, Corinne adopts a hands-on approach to her projects, collaborating with contractors, architects and technicians to ensure that the final product expresses both authenticity and integrity. Whether new construction, full-scale renovation or a kitchen remodel, Corinne reveals a precision and attention to her work that ensures excellence in the outcome of every project.

From initial brainstorm to ultimate unveiling, Corinne Jones works closely with her clients to create gathering places for families, friends, and colleagues that meet their specific needs while exuding natural comfort, distinctive charm, and inviting sophistication.